Saturday, February 28, 2009

Plants & Gates

Here are some more plant concepts. Most of these are really rough, but the general idea was to figure out what plants would fill out the rest of the garden behind the featured plants. Some of them are based on early Tadahiro designs, others are based on plant rigs the rigging department had already come up with. They generally had to be the colors that would make up Coraline's face for the reveal at the end of the sequence.

And here are some gate concepts. I think the final prop ended up being the middle design, but without the "C" shapes in the doors.

Images (c) LAIKA Entertainment

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Color Script

Here's a color script I did for the garden sequence. They used a lot of blacklight paint and LEDs with fiberoptics to create the different lighting illusions in the flowers so it was hard to predict exactly how the colors would turn out, but I think the final result looks pretty close to this.

And here are a couple more black and white studies.

Images (c) LAIKA Entertainment

I'm not going to post anything else for the next week as I'll be out of town, but make sure and check out the blogs I linked on the right. All those guys created amazing artwork for Coraline and they've all posted work from it on their sites.

Plants & Animals

A few more concepts for inhabitants of the garden. The trumpet plant is based on a thistle plant that you can usually find in fields and grassy areas. They actually used dried versions of the real plants in the film that were rigged with wire to make them animation-friendly.

These are color studies for the frog and hummingbird, painted over CG renders.

Images (c) LAIKA Entertainment

Friday, February 20, 2009

B+W studies

Here are a couple black and white studies I did for the garden sequence. Most of the plants are based on early Tadahiro designs, but I also had to take into account what was physically possible with the rigs that would be used to make the plants move. With stop-motion, this is always something that has to be considered in the design phase.

Images (c) LAIKA Entertainment

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Bleeding Hearts

Here are a few concepts for the bleeding hearts in the Fantastic Garden sequence.

And here's the final version that made it into the film:

Images (c) LAIKA Entertainment


I set up this blog specifically to post production art from the stop-motion animated movie Coraline that I worked on for over a year. It just came out in theaters so make sure and see it (in 3D if you can)! I'll post a piece or two of art every few days.

Here's the first one. It's a design for the Fantastic Garden set in the film.

Image (c) LAIKA Entertainment