Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Chicken Popper

Thanks to everyone who showed up at the Emerald City Comicon! Kevin and I had a great time and it was amazing to hear feedback from people who saw Coraline. Glad you all liked it!

Now back to the concepts. In the last post I talked about translating the real world props into Other world variations, and this chicken is a good example. It starts out in the real world as a pet chicken standing on a box with an old wheel propped against it.

And in the other world it became this:

I wish I could take credit for the concept of the chicken popper, but I believe my friend Michel Breton was responsible for the idea. I just painted the final version of it.

And check out the sculpt of the chicken on Tony Merrithew's blog.

Images (c) LAIKA Entertainment


Nosferatuia said...

I love the Chicken Popper! It sort of has the whole steam punk thing going on. Now...if I could only find one for my house :)

Patrick Kenney said...

This was one of my favorite items in the film.